Favorite Sites

These are some Internet sites that will be of interest to Drowns:



Drown Genealogy:

Stephen Drown's Family Tree

Genealogy.com -- Drown Family Genealogy Forum

Drown Family Facebook Page

Leonard Drowne Project – Monique Bouchard

The Drown Family of Bryant Hill, Ellicottville

Dr.Solomon Drowne

More on Dr. Solomon Drowne

Still more on Dr. Solomon Drowne


Drown History:

Samuel Drowne and the Boston Massacre

The Joseph Drown Foundation

William Drown – Bugler for the 2nd Dragoons – US Cavalry

Rambles About Portsmouth (N.H.)

Daniel Augustus Drown - the Blind Poet of Portsmouth (N.H.)

Drowne’s Wooden Image - Nathaniel Hawthorne

More about Shem Drowne’s Wooden Image

Shem Drowne’s Indian Archer Weathervane

The Drowne Silversmiths of Portsmouth

Floyd Drown - Western Artist


General Genealogy Sites:


FamilySearch -- Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Find a (Famous Person’s) Grave (HINT: Try Solomon Drowne)

Cyndi's List -- Genealogy on the Net

Let me know of other sites and I will be glad to add them here !!

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