About Us

Hello! My name is Steve Drown.  I started doing family history research on the Drown family about 40 years ago. Since at that time I thought the name to be extremely rare, I thought I would try to find and record every Drown there ever was. I now have a database of over 6000 people with the name Drown or Drowne or Drowns and it is still growing. At least one other researcher has even more names. I have discovered that a lot of research has been done in the last 75 years or so. Until recently, we thought that all the family in the U.S. might be descended from one family - Leonard and Elizabeth Drowne - but even that theory is being revised.



GEDCOM Data Available

My database for Drown family history is available for sharing. I can provide extracts in GEDCOM format which can be used as input to PAF , Family Tree Maker and other genealogical programs. All I ask is that persons requesting information also be prepared to share what they have.


Where in the World?

There are families with the surnames of Drown/Drowne/Drowns now living in almost every state of the Union, in Puerto Rico, England, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Anybody know of any more?

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