The Drown Newsletter

Issue 9 February 1996



Another of the sons of Leonard Drowne was Solomon. He was born in Kittery, Maine on January 23, 1681. Here is his own account: "An account of the age and marriage of Solomon and Esther Drowne with the names of all our children. First, my own birth as I understand from my parents; I was born on the 23rd of January in the year 1681 on the second day of the week. My wife was born on the 18th of Aug. 1687. We were married on the 8th of November in the year 1705 by Mr. John (Sparrow) Hawk, in Bristol in the house of Mr. Benjamin Jones, Esq." (He then related information on his children.) An interesting bit in The Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire relates that Solomon was a shipwright who died in Bristol, Massachusetts (Bristol is now in R.I.) On

the 25th of January 1730, because he had been exposed to smallpox, Capt. Drowne was ordered to leave R.I. He died 9 months later, on October 9, back in Bristol, aged 48 years, 9 months. A letter from Willard Drowne, original source unknown, states that he (Solomon) and some of the other members of Leonard's family may have gone to Providence, R.I. with Roger Williams on account of their religion; that a watch which belonged to Roger Williams is in possession of a member of the Drowne family and that it had come through the Arnold side of the Drowne family.

Shem Drown's Islands

This is found in the New England Historical and Genealogical Register, vol. 96, page 277:

14 June 1749. Proprietors met at Sun Tavern in Boston and voted that all the Islands belonging to the proprietors of the Pemaquid Patent be sold to Mr. Shem Drown (coppersmith of Boston who made the grasshopper weathervane on Faneuil Hall) for 1800 pounds old Tenor including his 25 Nintythes to be paid in 12 months without interest. The deed specifically includes Monhegan Island.

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